Welcome to The Hall Of Justice Comics, thanks for paying us a visit.       I have been collecting comics and comic memorabilia for over 25 years, it all began when I was a junior in high school and my parents bought me my first comic book, the oh so famous comic, The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller.       That one comic started me on an adventure, that to this day I'm still enjoying.  I started just reading the usual DC titles, Batman, Superman, Justice League, then I noticed a comic called Infinity War from Marvel, and just like all crossovers, they covered a lot of titles from Marvel.  Before I knew it, I was collecting almost the entire DC line up of comics as well as half the Marvel universe, that led me to other publishers, like Image, Wildstorm, Dark Horse, Vertigo...and so on and so forth.       Just a few years after I graduated from highschool, while I was going to college, the pulling sensation that I could do more kept growing stronger and stronger, and so, in the spring of 1995 I opened a comic store with my brother that lasted for over 5 years, until fate would pull me away to another state. The move ending the store, but didn't end my reading and collecting road trip.      Years later I would find myself back home again, and in 2007, I would again open another comic store, knowing that with all the movies coming out, that the world of comics that they came from should be shared with those who thought that the movies had no beginning in the comics book world, as hard as that is to believe. Personal issues would arise and the dream would have to be put on hold for just a few years, until now, with the help of my girlfriend and partner Melissa, the spring of 2016 will be the beginning of a whole new era in the journey to bring the enjoyment and entertainment of comics and collecting to everyone.
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